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CSU COVID-19 Booster Requirements

Dear SDSU community,
SDSU is proud to report that COVID-19 cases on campus remain low and stable and that vaccination rates among students, faculty and staff remain among the highest within the California State University (CSU) system. 
We appreciate your ongoing, collective commitment to keeping our campus community safe and healthy. .

In our region, San Diego County is now classified as having a low COVID-19 risk by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Additionally, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has updated its guidance for mega events, shifting vaccinations and testing from a requirement to a recommendation.

With these updates and our local community context in mind, the university is updating its COVID-19 policies regarding indoor events and testing requirements for individuals who are not vaccinated.

Update to Student Testing Schedule Requirements

Beginning today, April 4, those few who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and who require routine COVID-19 testing per the CSU system-wide vaccination policy will transition back to having negative test results on file every seven (7) days. This is a change from the previously required testing results on file at least every five (5) days since the start of the spring semester. 

As a reminder, any individuals experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms should not come to campus for school, work or events and are also encouraged to get tested regardless of vaccination or booster status or their required testing schedule. It is important to note that as the university continues to monitor the COVID-19 context in our region and on our campus, those not fully vaccinated may be asked to test more frequently.

Update to Library Access 

Effective April 9, students, faculty and staff will no longer be required to separately show their green clearance medallion via HealtheConnect to access the University Library. Clearance status is still monitored daily for all SDSU community members by Student Health Services. 

Additionally, beginning April 9, the library will reopen access to the general public as aligned with other libraries across the CSU system. 

Facial Covering Policy Reminder

SDSU’s facial covering policy remains in effect. This means that masks remain required, regardless of vaccination status, as follows:

  • When in instructional settings, whether indoors or outdoors. 
  • In classrooms, instructional labs, and any other spaces being actively used in an instructional capacity. 
  • When inside the University Library.  
  • NOTE: As before, instructional faculty, teaching assistants, and interpreters can remove their facial coverings when teaching as long as students are masked in the classroom.

Masks are otherwise encouraged, but not required when in other spaces on campus. As a reminder, those who come to campus specifically to seek testing must wear a facial covering regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors. For those who are not fully up-to-date with their vaccinations, masking is still required when indoors on campus.

These updated policies are part of SDSU’s continued multi-layer response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The university remains attentive to the latest local, regional and national public health guidance and will continue to keep the community informed as we move through the remainder of the spring 2022 semester. 

Adela de la Torre, Ph.D.
San Diego State University President

Agnes Wong Nickerson, MBA
Interim Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs and Chief Financial Officer

J. Luke Wood, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity