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Aztec Shops, Ltd., founded in 1931, is a non-profit corporation that functions primarily as an auxiliary of San Diego State University. As a "self-sustaining" non-profit SDSU auxiliary, Aztec Shops operates without subsidy from the University or the State. The corporation manages a diverse portfolio of services including operation of the SDSU Bookstore, SDSU Dining, SDSU Conference Services, SDSU Licensing, and Commercial and Residential Real Estate properties surrounding campus.

In Fiscal Year 2023 (ending June 30, 2023), Aztec Shops directed $11.5 million to the University through rent, cost recoveries, commissions, and overhead. In addition, Aztec Shops contributed $365,000 to Campus in unrestricted allocations ($310,000 to the University; $55,000 to SDSU Associated Students).

Aztec Shops Oaxaca Culinary Immersion

Two chefs from SDSU Dining and two from 386 Hospitality at Snapdragon Stadium were part of an SDSU delegation to Oaxaca in 2023. They trained with some of the most renowned chefs in the region, with a plan to bring back new, Oaxacan-inspired recipes and techniques to SDSU as part of an expanded Menú Azteca. The trip was designed to significantly differentiate SDSU’s culinary offerings while also contributing to the University’s mission to Transcend Borders.